Second time I've had this happen. I can't find any 'safe' way to enable TV/Out on my G200. Whenever I do, and it prompts "There is no monitor attached--are you sure?", it'll place the card in 60Hz TV/out mode, but the 'output to TV' box never gets checked. Unchecking and checking it, without a TV attached, doesn't do anything.

I tried finding a place in the registry where the TVOut setting is set, but deleting it didn't seem to help. The only way I can find (ugh) to get out of 60hz is to switch my driver to VGA and then back.

Is this fixed in the new 5.20beta?

Probably the wrong forum for this, but the new OpenGL + monitor powersaving is still broken (monitor won't wake up if OpenGL screensaver was running when it was put to sleep.)