There's this really cool thing which we, as faithful MURCers, should do to help out the Matrox Users team in the world rankings.

All it takes is a simple download and tiny account setup (only needs an email address) to get going.

It's called SETI@home (as some of you may have guessed by now) and your friendly website Admin, Ant, has permitted us to go recruit new members across all the forums!

I myself have created a SETI @ MURC website dedicated to getting you up and running Seti and improving it's performance. We've got guides from myself, Guru and Ees covering stuff like installing Seti, Windows and BIOS optimisation and doing it all in Linux.

So get yourself up and running and check the Seti Forum for more conversation and tips.

This post has been repeated in the Seti forum so please respond over there!



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