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Thread: Scart-RGB Out with Marvel G400. How?

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    Post Scart-RGB Out with Marvel G400. How?


    what is the setting wo Scart RGB for? The Marvel BOB didnt has a RGB out. I read something about a cable to build. Isnt that cable available at a store and when i would have such a cable i think i dont need to switch the driver to RGB.

    We the Marvel users cant use second Monitor with the Dualhead feature, right? So why Matrox dont build a BOB which has a second VGA Out, too?

    See you,

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    Sorry, lost me. Scart is used in Europe for easy plugging between video devices. You can buy/build SCART/Composite leads but I never heard of SCART/RGB.

    The reason that the G400-TV hasn't got full dual-head is that there isn't physically enough room on the backplate. The second "head" is used for TV-Out via the BOB. Bear in mind that under W98 all dual-head functions are available on the TV monitor. If full "PC monitor" Dualhead is of extreme importance to you then you should use a G400Millennium or Max and hook up a G series Rainbow Runner for video capture/editing.

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    SCART/RGB is nothing unusual, the signals for it have been reserved for it from the very beginning as far as I know and most TVs support it. Hardcore consoles-gamers (SNES and Genesis/Megadrive were the first, PSX and maybe N64 still support it) usually use a cable that makes use of the RGB signals to improve picture quality and in the case of the PSX to allow playing imported games (with a different video standard) on a TV that does not accept NTSC or PAL signals.

    A small downside - the S-Video signals on the SCART connector have been added later and use the R pin for the chroma component of the signal so a SCART connector can only use either RGB or S-Video, but I hear that some may be switchable.

    Actually I'd too be interested in Scart/RGB output to TV as my TV does not accept NTSC and watching R1 DVDs with PAL output isn't really great - sometimes there are interlacing artifacts and you can notice the dropped frames.

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    This_Idiot: Yes, on the marvel Card itself is no place for the second VGA Port, but matrox could build the second one into the BOB. Thats would be a nice solution.

    I found an old post here with a description of how to build the cable:

    But i dont know if it is ok for the Marvel, too. Is there the RGB signal in the S-VHS out of the BOB?

    Thats a really strange S-VHS Mini-Din. I am from Germany and looked in some electronic catalogues, but i couldn't find that strange thing.


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    Now THAT is an interesting thread. I've never seen it before, so it wasn't posted here.

    As I said before, it's a dull day when you learn nothing. So the grail is a 7 pin S-Video connection ?

    I'll let you know if I find one

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    Well maybe this isn't what you were after at all, but I'd rather make an ass of myself than have youy boys wait. So on the offchance that I understood, try

    Note the "https".

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    I still didnt found that 7pol Minidin. So is anyone out there which has it? It should be to hard to build a cable that we need. We must take the S-VHS and the Compisite Videocable and connect them both into a Scart and RGB should work.
    I dont understand why Matrox itself didnt has such an apdapter for us.


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    Well I admit that I had to follow 2 menu levels down from that URL I gave you. Click on "connectors" then "audio/video" then "mini-din connectors". It then gives you a choice of several different varieties in both line and chassis plugs and sockets, in 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 poles.

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    I only have a Marvel G200 so I ain't sure what different connections they are between this and the Marvel G400. When I was messing about with my old Mystique and RR I changed the card into RGB mode and put a scope the the 15 D-shell and found which pins were RGB and sync. These pins are not specified in the Mystique or RR manual. It does say in the manual that you can get a RGB cable but when I phoned Matrox UK about this they didn't now anything about it. With the Marvel G200 I guess you could wire the 25-pin HD mini D shell to SCART if you worked out what all the pins are for.
    Is this known anywhere?

    I guess it must have
    Composite In
    Composite Out
    S-Video Luminance In
    S-Video Chrominance In
    S-Video Luminance Out
    S-Video Chrominance Out
    Audio In L
    Audio In R
    Audio Out L
    Audio Out R
    R out
    G out
    B out
    Sync (or is sync on green or seperate H and V syncs)
    SPDIF out
    Many various grounds
    TV input?

    Since the BOB is the same on the G200 and G400 I believe the pinouts should be the same.


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    By yourself an RGB decoder VM-19N from Kramer

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    This Idiot: The Marvel didnt has a standard 7pol Mini-Din. The standard one i can find everywhere, but the Matrox thing is a special one. I think its not a standard thing. Maybe Matrox builded it up by themselfs.


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    Hang on, what are you referring to by the term "mini-din" ? I presumed that you were talking about the S-video connector, since that is the only "mini-din" on the BOB, but if you are talking about the cable that connects the BOB to the Marvel then this is a whole different ball game and we have been talking at cross purposes.

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    I have a spare Marvel G200 Bob which I will take apart and have a look at the connections. I got this because my G200 was faulty and the replacement was a full box not just the card.


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