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Thread: Using the 5.13 ICD with PD 4.51

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    Default Using the 5.13 ICD with PD 4.51

    Seems to work. I had the Beta 2 ICD(I'm not sure if this is a necessary step) already installed so replacing mgaicd.dll with
    g200icd.dll in the Windows\System directory and changing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\OpenGLDrivers from "MGAICD" = "mgaicd" to = "g200icd" was all it took. No problems so far with Quake 2 or an OpenGL screensaver/benchmark program called 3D Exerciser and a definite improvement in
    rendering accuracy and speed. In case anyone is wondering why I can't just use PD 5.13, or 4.33 for that matter, I experienced severe font, icon and just all round general corruption in the Desktop unless I disabled bitmap caching and the same phenomena with any program that tried to use more than 4mb of AGP texturing memory( or 12mb total )
    Powerdesk would also report 10 or 12mb of SDRAM on my G200 which I suppose
    could either be just another symptom or perhaps the cause of the corruption. I think it must be peculiar to my mobo because
    I haven't read of any similar reports in the forums but there have been other issues with PD5.13 for some so this way you can have the best of both worlds. A modified
    Beta 2 installation program using the new ICD could save people the trouble of downloading and installing 5.13 in order to obtain the g200icd.dll. I'll take a stab at it myself but I'm a novice at this and was using the original Mystique up until two weeks ago so I'm not especially confident of success.

    AMD K6-2 350mhz running at 392 3.5X112 2.05 Vcore
    Microstar MS-5184 MVP3 Motherboard 1mb L2 cache
    64mb generic LGS CAS 3 PC100 SDRAM DIMM
    Matrox G200 LE (like the SD but without any upgrade sockets or add-on connectors)
    Powerdesk 4.51 DirectX 6.1
    Win95 OSR 2.1

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    Bottler : nice try .. i'll try it later myself ..
    for the PD reporting the wrong amount of memory .. this might be an issue with your .. might have some incorrect pins ..
    i advice you to look at GBM page "MatroXfile"
    good luck
    ps: what happens if u rename the file g200icd.dll to mgaicd.dll instead of changing the registry key ?

    GigaByte 6BXE, celeron 300A@464, 128 PC100 RAM,
    G200 8 M SD @112.5 core. driver 4.51, bios 2.3.

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    Doh! Never occurred to me to rename the g200icd.dll to mgaicd.dll Certainly made modifying
    the Beta 2 installation program a trivial exercise.

    Just for laughs I tried substituting the G400icd but every OpenGL program lock ups
    the computer at launch requiring a reset.

    I flashed the BIOS from 2.3 to 2.2 also tried an older motherboard bios
    without any effect. That would tend to eliminate a bad PINS as a possibility,
    or would it ?

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