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Thread: Star Trek Armada 1.2 Patch

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    Post Star Trek Armada 1.2 Patch

    Topic: Patch 1.2 is now available.
    Mad Doctor I
    posted 02-13-2001 01:22 PM

    Fans of Armada,

    Patch 1.2 of Star Trek Armada is released and available at...

    The patch was developed by Mad Doc Software and former members of the original Star Trek Armada development team. Mad Doc
    Software is comprised of former employees of both Activision and Looking Glass Studios.

    (Later this week, I'll post some extra info about the AI tweaks and how mod makers can work with them.)

    Dr. Ian Lane Da vis
    CEO & Mad Scientist
    Mad Doc Software, LLC

    This patch information follows*

    Star Trek®* Armada™, 1.2 patch


    Star Trek* Armada v1.2 Patch Size* 4 MB


    Installation Instructions

    To upgrade your version of Star Trek* Armada, simply download Armada_patch_1_2.exe (4 mb) and double-click it. Click on the
    Next button. After you have read the Software Licensing Agreement, click on the Yes button. Then the Readme file will be
    displayed. After you have read through the Readme, then press the Next button. Press the Install button. When the installation is
    complete press the Finish button to return to Windows®.

    After the installation is complete you can then launch Star Trek* Armada and take advantage of the updated functionality.


    The update will work for all Microsoft Windows 95/98 CD-ROM versions of Star Trek* Armada.


    Bug Fixes

    1) Pathing Improved – Ships will have less trouble moving in groups or n***gating in areas with lots of objects.

    2) Rally Point Improved – Ships will not try to occupy the same location when they exit the shipyards.

    3) Strategic AI in Instant Action and Multiplayer has been given better handicaps on medium and hard difficulty. Including sped up
    build time and reduced cost.

    4) In Instant Action/Multiplayer games the AI will now cloak ships if it can* more often on medium, and most of the time on hard.

    5) The Chain Reaction Pulsar weapon has been modified so that it will not be able to hit cloaked ships and has been balanced to
    be less powerful.

    6) In standard Multiplayer games each team will begin with a starbase, 2 construction ships, and a scout vessel.

    7) Implemented Instant Action save functionality.

    8) Improved game stability with issues related to [ESC] key being depressed.

    9) Fixed several weapons related crashes.

    10) Fixed crash related to Corbromite Reflector and saved games. If the Corbromite Reflector was active prior to s***ng the game
    it could cause a crash on loading of the saved game.

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    Thumbs up


    7) Implemented Instant Action save functionality.

    Bout time!
    Players have been screaming for this since the game was released.

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    I seemed to remember that a moderator here liked it but could not remember who.

    Something else posted by Codagh at

    I recieved this e-mail last night and at first I thought it was a fake. Well, if you have been to the STA boards at all today, we now know it is real. Activision has contracted an online survey site to solicit opinions from current Armada owners regarding what we would like to see in a sequel. If you also recieved this e-mail, please respond to it, this could be one of the deciding factors in the creation of a sequel. If you did not recieve the e-mail, I'm afraid you can't take the survey, it's an authorised users only deal.

    Here is the e-mail:

    Dear Star Trek: Armada Player,
    Thank you for your purchase of a Star Trek computer game. You have been
    selected to participate in a brief on-line survey that will help Activision
    develop sequels to Star Trek: Armada. Your input is invaluable to us in
    developing products for customers such as yourself.
    We know your time is precious, so we've created a very straightforward
    questionnaire designed to take no more than 20 minutes. For your help, we
    will enter your name into a drawing where five people will be chosen
    randomly to receive 5 top and current games in either PC or PlayStation
    To ensure that your opinions are counted and that your name is entered in
    the prize drawing, please respond by Wednesday, February 7th. As soon as
    the survey is completed, your name will be entered in the prize drawing.
    The winners will be notified by email.
    (You may want to copy and paste this address into your web browser)

    If for any reason you lose your Internet connection while taking the
    survey, simply return to the web address above. Once there, reenter your
    email address and you will automatically be taken to the last section you
    were on when you lost your connection.
    For any other questions or technical support, please email:
    Thank you again for your participation.

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    {Ressurection mode }
    Has anyone got this game to work in XP?
    {/Ressurection mode.}

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