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Thread: G400Max & QuakeIII Performance

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    Post G400Max & QuakeIII Performance

    I would like to get some feed back on the performance of QuakeIII using G400. I don't think I'm getting the maximum thruput from this card despite having the latest driver installed:5.41 including the latest turbogl.
    MY System
    500III O'C 585
    256MB system memory
    MX300 Sound card

    Timedemo 1 demo dem001= 30FPS
    Graphics settings: 1024*768 details set to medium.

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    You're slow. I got the following numbers running texture quality mid-way, and bilinear filtering:
    35.3 FPS w/ 1024x768x32
    45.8 FPS w/ 1024x768x16

    w/ max texture quality and trilinear filtering:
    23.2 FPS w/ 1024x768x32
    33.2 FPS w/ 1024x768x16

    I've seen even higher PIII/450 numbers.
    I delete my .cfg file before running the benchmark (resets to default), turn off sound and vsynch.

    • ASUS P2B-S, PIII 450MHz, Award ACPI BIOS v1010, 128 MB RAM
    • MYLEX FlashPoint RAID+ (BIOS v2.02N) running RAID 0 on two 9 GB IBM DDRS 39130D Disks
    • Diamond MX300 sound card, now with MX25 S/PDIF output
    • Matrox Millennium G400 Max Dual Head - English
    • NEC 5FG monitor
    • YAMAHA CRW4416S and NEC Multispin 3x CDs
    • 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100Mb TX NIC
    • US Robotics 56K Voice FaxModem Pro
    • Pioneer DVD-303S SCSI
    • Note--All SCSI devices (except disk drives on RAID) are connected to onboard AIC7890 U2W SCSI
    • Mainly running Win98 v4.10.1998

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    I posted free advice on this board but people dont seem to care.I dont think 92.4 FPS in 800x600 16bit is too shabby.

    P3 450@504
    Abit BH6
    128mb pc100
    G400 32mb sh oem
    Kenwood 42x True-X
    Standard floppy
    6.4 Seagate Ultra ata/66 HDD
    8.4 Quantum Bigfoot TS(lol slave)
    Altec Lansing ACS-48's
    JBL Medis 2000's
    Soho 10/100 PCI NIC
    NEC MultiSync XV17+
    Intellimouse Explorer

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    Thanks acs48, I'll try that for speeding up my on-line play. I use DSL for most things but I'm behind a firewall so I have to get fragged over my 56K modem.
    The numbers I were reporting are based on a standard way of benchmarking Quake games (tish beta2 proposed this.).

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