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Thread: G200 / Voodoo2 Ultimate Race Pro

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    Default G200 / Voodoo2 Ultimate Race Pro

    Im having real problems with URP. It will only run as far as the intro then my PC locks up. I have a 16Mb G200SD and a creative labs 3d blaster Voodoo2. Ive got the latest drivers for both. Ive also tried the reference and approved drivers with no luck. Im running windows 98 with DX7 (tried DX6 too!). Other games (quake etc..) work fine.
    Ive tried almost everything!

    Please can anyone help ?
    Also why dont the windows openGL screensavers work anymore? Is this related ?


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    Ive tried both. With no luck.

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    If you have a Vortex based soundcard you need to disable direct sound accelleration from the vortex tray app.

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    Have you tried Direct3D, or Glide?

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