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  1. Parhelia Powerdesk dll being linked all the time in MSVC 6

    Hello all,

    This is a pretty specific question, but I am hoping maybe somebody has an answer.

    Since I installed the Parhelia drivers (I got a Parhelia 128), when I do debug mode execution of C++...
  2. It's all about the marketing!

    Interoperability is something that could come later, but the whole point of not putting it in was removing the dependence on somebody else, then we don't have the problems like Trillian was having...
  3. The purpose

    Hi Gurm,

    The point is for us to learn. That's the point for us. We have learned already a million things about programming and client-server design, and project management. And to have some fun...
  4. Dump AIM/ICQ/MSN/Y! and join the BitWise revolution!


    We've made a lot of progress in the past few weeks, including adding file transfers, more preferences and sounds, among many other improvements. Check it out if you've been waiting for...
  5. Dump AIM/ICQ/MSN/Y! and join the BitWise revolution!

    Hello all,

    My roommate and I finally got sick of all the AIM vs. Trillian battles and all of the code bloat that's occurred in these huge chat clients and decided to write our own. Which is what...
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    2 months later...

    I don't know what made me think of it, but I remembered this thread here and I just wanted to come back, now that it's been 2 months, and see if your feelings were still the same. Things have...
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    Maybe in part... yes

    Thanks for visiting the site, and for the feedback!

    Sure, AMD vs. Intel is one facet, but did you look at the security forum? There is a huge discussion in there that doesn't even mention AMD or...
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    Information Technology Website

    Given some of the other discussion on the MURC message boards, it seems a lot of members are interested in general IT issues.

    I recently started a new IT news/discussion site with a friend that I...
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