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    IT stories and rants

    Sounds great!

    Umfriend 1st August 2022, 14:18 Go to last post

    IT stories and rants

    5 months in. Got permanent contract, get along with team. Speaking a bit French (boss, project manager) and Russian (HR woman from Ukraine who recruited

    UtwigMU 1st August 2022, 12:58 Go to last post

    airlines woes

    My parents were with a group of 5 in total that booked with Lufthansa + 1 person that booked with TUI.
    So far no reply from Lufthansa, but Swiss

    VJ 1st August 2022, 05:59 Go to last post

    Russia - Ukraine war

    Kosovars = Albanian nationality not Albanian country. I mean ethnically Albanian forces and ethnic Albanian Kosovo Army.

    UtwigMU 1st August 2022, 05:27 Go to last post

    car buying these days...

    Happens on the Honda, didn't happen on Polo. I guess it's down to seal or maybe pressure valve.

    UtwigMU 1st August 2022, 05:17 Go to last post