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    Hey Hey Hey, look who's back!

    Doc used to post a lot of space-related updates... nice to have the updates, but now he hasn't posted in a while...

    Two kids at university...

    VJ Today, 04:51 Go to last post

    Hey Hey Hey, look who's back!

    Congrats VJ!
    I see this Forum has quieted down a bit. Is Doc not heavily active any more?
    My two older kids are in University, one in Biology

    Elie Yesterday, 21:57 Go to last post

    Which stonks are you buying if any?

    12.5bln, likely split among at least 5 banks and they'll be a senior creditor. Not a biggie. Edit: Also, I really don't think banks are more hesitant

    Umfriend 2nd December 2022, 06:42 Go to last post