View Full Version : How far can you go on the Kingpin Demo?....

25th July 1999, 11:47
I'm in SR2, the place you break the boards
at an exit.Does it stop there,can't open door
maybe a key or something I missed.Just wondered if I can go further on the demo,
oh well maybe I should just buy the game.Thanks

fic 503+ 1.2a amd k6-2 350@452
64mb pc100 samsung gh 6ns cas2
G200 mill.maxtor 8.4gb Yamaha sound card

25th July 1999, 19:09
Yeah, you can go further. You gotta get the battery for the motorcycle. In the car where the battery is, break open the roof and then the floor for a secret weapon. I got the full version of the game; it is all right but the poor AI is made of for by the computer's uncanny aim. It is extremely hard.