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25th July 1999, 07:17
Don't judge the game based on the performance of the flyby. Also the D3D for this game is an after thought and is not fully up to par yet. OGL just flat out sucks no matter what. If you are going to play it at least have it to the 225 patch.

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25th July 1999, 09:44
dude its just a problem with unreal there are a few options to try for you make sure you set your cache under advanced options to at least half your ram.also trilenear filtering is a big frame hit with the g400 on unreal(this is because it actually does it
unlike tnt)page flipping off gives boost as well.the flyby frames/sec look bad but hang in there and play it.the next unreal patch will include better support for d3d and we are supposed to get some help in the matrox driver support as well.

25th July 1999, 16:57
Hi there people.. I seem to be having trouble w/ Unreal. I'm getting horrible framerates even at 640x480. I'm not sure.. but less than 20 on my G400 32mb, Celeron433 + 128ram
I am using the latest PD5.13 or whatever it is.. but it doesn't seem to help.. wtf is going on? I'm using d3d..