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19th July 1999, 02:49

Anyone playing Unreal's new Return to Na Pali
Mission pack ? Well, I've reached the end of the Foundry Tarydium Plant stage and it is supposed to load the new level after the usual end-of-stage log status speech summary, except that this time it just sits there and no response from either mouse or ESC key. Quick save/load and console is working though so it is not frozen.

Any help appreciated.


19th July 1999, 12:07

I will give your suggestion a shot. My Na Pali is installed in another drive. I just want to finish this game...what you think of it ?

19th July 1999, 16:01
The same thing happened to me but fortunately, at the beginning of the game.I had only finished 2levels.I uninstalled/reinstalled and changed the directory from C:\na pali to C:\program files\na pali and it fixed the problem.
Don't ask me why.

20th July 1999, 03:05
I hope changing directories works for you.
If you want an idea on how to make your
savegames work let me know.
As far as Na Pali..I like it. I don't think
it's as good or as difficult as Unreal but
I'm having a lot of fun playing it.

21st July 1999, 03:59

I'd appreciate if you advise how to restore
my old saved games coz' I actually followed
the advise in one of the Unreal site about
forcing Unreal to read old saved games by
saving new games and overwriting with the
previous saves...but it is not working for
me. After overwriting with the old saves and
restarting Unreal RTNP, the load menu will
still show the last saves.

Need your enlightenment !


21st July 1999, 09:00
Once you have reinstalled and entered the game your 'savegames' should be empty and your old savegames should be in a separate directory.Count the number of save games
you have(I think the one that shows 0 is the flyby and the one that shows 9 is the quick save)then start the game and quickly save the
same # of savegames + 1 quicksave.Go into the
save folder and delete these new savegames
and copy the old savegames to the new save folder.The names on the savegames will show
the new savegames but they will be the old ones you copied to the new save folder.
Let me know if this helps.
I hope I didn't make this more confusing than it really is.

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23rd July 1999, 02:55
Hi Surferpop,

It's working now. I am now able to play beyond the level I was stucked at. In fact the names after reinstalling and restoring back the saved games got me a little confused coz' it kept using the new saved names.

Thanks for your tips...looking forward to finishing the game...and you're right, it's not that tough (I'm playing medium diff.).