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20th July 1999, 05:15
Hey Guys,
I know many of you are complaning about bugs and stuff, but in order for our QA team to reproduce them, we need to help them reproduce it http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif So plz when reporting a bug follow these steps if you want them fixed fast http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

1- Description of Bug:
One or two short sentences describing the problem.
2- Application:
name of software with the version number (ie Quake II v 3.20). If the game
was patched, please include this information.

Step-by-step method to reproduce the bug. Please include any other
information that will assist in reproducing the bug. If the bug occurs
with a specific graphics configuration please include this as well.

System Config:
Please provide the following information:
- Motherboard
- Processor and Processor Speed
- System RAM
- Operating System
- DirectX version
- Video Board model
- Video Board driver version and Bios version
- Windows Desktop Resolution and Color Depth


Description: Quake II has headless characters in the Jail1 map

Application: Quake II v3.20

Launch Quake II
Set video mode to OpenGL
Set Resolution to 1024x768
Set 8Bit Textures to NO
Bring down the console
type: map jail1
Move around until you encounter the enemy. Enemy characters will be headless
Occurs with 32Bit Z buffer enabled and disabled

System Config:
Asus P2B
Pentium III-500
128Meg RAM
Windows 98 SE
DirectX ver 6.2
Millennium G400 MAX 32meg
MGA Driver ver 5.13.020
MGA BIOS ver 1.3.020
Windows Desktop: 2048x1536x32