View Full Version : motorhead and the g400 ?????

16th July 1999, 22:20
can someone tell me if a work around for the can't find g200 card message, so i can play motorhead. or do i have to buy the game again.??? help please i really like this game.

i don't know what im going to bitch about now that the avp patch is out.
p2 350 at 450, 196 meg pc100,10gig hard drive,5xdvd cl drive, xitel p. storm sound, 32meg g400 dualhead, acs altec lansing speakers+yamaha rear, ch throttle, ch force fx, ch pedeals, hp laserjet 4, epson 400 color, ctx vl950 main mag dx17t secondary monitors ? what else can i brag about ? oh two other systems k6-2 350 and k6 200.