View Full Version : Heat Problems with G400?

16th July 1999, 07:03
Has any who has had a G400 regular or MAX experienced any heat problems? Also you can se my system c0onfig; I was wondering if the regular G400 or MAX would be the best for me.I also have a theory about why the G400 doesn't perform as well on Celerons: Because the G400 doesn't do triangle setup 100% on chip and depends on the PCU for it the larger cache of the PII might help it. the triangle setup thing I read in the Firing Squad review so dont flame me if it is wrong.

Celeron 366->550, 128 MB RAM, 10.1 IBM Deskstar, MX300, G400 vanilla, HP 8100i CD-RW

16th July 1999, 10:41
there is nothing wrong with the triangle setup engine. It was a driver issue with crusher and massive.