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15th July 1999, 02:57
When I play FF VII, it can only be played in Software Rendering mode and this makes the graphics really cheap quality. It's running on a PIII 450, 128 MB Ram. I played FF VII on my prvious computer with the G200 and the graphics looked better on the G200 than the G400. Any ideas for me to enable Direct 3d for FF VII? -Haig??

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15th July 1999, 11:19
That sounds like a question to ask Haig. He is the Technical Support Manager at Matrox Graphics, and he hangs out here as well. He is sure to read a post if you include his name in the thread's subject title. I would suggest that you start a new thread (maybe in Hardware) titled something like "G400 & 8-bit palette--Haig?"

If there is a way to enable 8-bit palettized textures on the G400, he'll know how.


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15th July 1999, 16:39
I was testing FFVII yesterday too. Thought I could compare speed and image quality with the Voodoo2 that I was using (G200 is too slow on my system to play FFVII).

The reason it is not working is the G400 doesn't support 8bit palettized textures. Run the FFVII config utility, and you will see that it failed that test.

In the PowerDesk 4.51 advanced menu, there was an "Enable Palettized Textures" that made FFVII work. Now it is gone in PowerDesk 5.13.020.

Maybe somebody could tell us a registry key to hack with. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Anyway, just installed Half Life and had to uninstall FFVII to have enough space. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif

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