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14th July 1999, 17:07
Does anyone know of any other games that, at present, have envirnmental bump mapping enabled, save Expendable. I've heard that a patch is in the works for DK2, but what about Speedbusters, Descent3 etc.? I suppose that it will be out of the box support for Drakan and Slave Zero.

14th July 1999, 20:00
This was supplied to us in June - I hope this answers your question regarding which games are to support Environment Mapped Bump Mapping.

Expendable (Rage),
Slave Zero (Accolade),
Drakan (Surreal),
PowerRender (Egerter),
Pure3D engine (Radical),
Evenstar: Senshi-no Shiken (DreamStone Entertainment),
Carmageddon 3 (Torus),
Descent 3 (Outrage),
Speed Busters (Ubi-Soft),
Fire & Darkness (Singularity),
Dungeon Keeper 2 (Bullfrog),
Rally Masters (Digital Illusions),
BattleZone 2 (Pandemic),
LithTech2 Engine (Monolith),
Mars Maniacs (Church of Electronic Entertainment),
Wild Metal Country (Gremlin/DMA),
Rollcage sequel (Attention to Detail), Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption (Nihilistic),
Kick engine (Kick),
Messiah (Shiny),
System Shock 2 (Looking Glass),
WarMonkeys (Silicon Dreams),
Black & White (Lionhead),
Dark Reign 2 (Pandemic),
Ka-52 Team Alligator (Simis),
AirRage (Infogrames/DID),
Typhoon (Infogrames/DID),
Wargasm squel (Infogrames/DID),
Spirit of Speed (Broadsword),
Sinistar Unleashed (GameFX),
Test Drive 6 (Pit Bull Syndicate),
Hostile Waters (Rage),
Incoming Forces (Rage),
Populous sequel (Bullfrog),
Red Fury (Interactive Magic),
Squa (Massive Development),
Powerslide sequel (Ratbag Games),
Test Drive: Le Mans (Eutechnyx),
Rally 99 (Magnetic Fields),
Star Trek: Armada (Activision),
Max Payne (Remedy),
SurRender engine (Hybrid),
Mechwarrior 3 expansion pack (Zipper),
Geneis3D engine (Eclipse),
Spec Ops 2 (Zombie),
Trickstyle (Criterion),
Darkstone (Delphine),
CORE engine (Orange Games),
Pools of Radiance 2 (SSI),
3DRash engine (EA Canada),
The Real Neverending Story (Discreet Monsters),
Final Countdown (Sylynium).


Phil (MURC's G200 : WWW.G200.COM)