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14th July 1999, 12:52
I assume you are referring to the message you get in the 3D hardware setup? I just accepted the message and started playing and all was fine. There are a few issues with this game though that I am having fun sorting out...

Fog doesn't work. It makes the backdrop in the distance go pale, but otherwise doesn't look like real fog as it does on a Voodoo or TNT card. Also, if you have the fog turned on, the game speed is cut down dramatically.

I get good frame rates for a few laps, then it gets choppy and unplayable after about 4 laps. I think I've tracked this down to the special effects. If you turn them off the frame rate remains fairly stable.

Basically, I'm having trouble keeping the game running at a playable frame rate on my machine. The spec is:

Celeron 266 O/C to 400
PowerDesk 5.13

I've been experimenting with all sorts of things (device bitmap cache, changing resolution etc.). Not much luck.

This is really frustrating.


14th July 1999, 17:19
Unknow Direct3d Device
What can I do?