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7th July 1999, 06:25
I have two graphic cards a voodoo2 for games and a g200 for work. The only thing is that the icd doesn't work. When i downloaded a screen saver (which needs opengl) from 3dfiles it doesn't seem to work! I don't have any opengl.dlls for my voodoo2 only glide.
What the hell am i doing wrong????

If you have nt and you want to try the screensaver then heres the address.


12th July 1999, 11:37
That screen saver works for me, but runs rather slow though. I'm running NT4 wks w/sp5.

Asus P2B-DS (1009) Dual Pentium II 450/128-pc100 Corsair CAS Latency 2, Cheeta 39102LW Ultra2 9.1 Gig, Sony DVD 5x (ide), Yamaha 4260 CDRW, SB128 PCI, Hollywood Plus mpeg, 3com TX905-B, G200-8SG. NT4 wks SP5