View Full Version : Marvel + 3D games - please help!

James Brennan
10th July 1999, 08:57
I've got a 1-week old computer which was working fine (with the Marvel G200 card, Marvel TV-Tuner and Soundblaster Live cards) when I got it. Although I bought it for video editing I assumed it could also run 3-D games which my son plays.

Well it did for a short while. The game that came with the Sidewinder- Motocross Madness worked a treat at first. But then a few days later it started returning me to the Windows desktop at the point when it appeared to be "loading...". Then, a couple of days later the new Star Wars Racer game did the same trick, returning me to the desktop. I've tried reloading everything, including DX-6.1 (installed), and the latest Marvel 5.13 drivers which, when I try to run the PC-VCR remote, tell me that only 4-bit colour is installed (yet I'm getting 16 bit on the screen).

All very weird and disappointing. Any advice would be extremely welcome.


10th July 1999, 09:11
The 5.13 drivers don't support the video tools. There will be a new set of video tools at some point...

For now, the best bet for both video editing, and some gaming is the 4.33m drivers (4.51 don't quite work right with some video apps on the Marvel either). If you want to play quake type openGL games, you would need to use the OGL wrapper with 4.33m.

I would suggest downloading the PD5 unistaller, running that, then installing 4.33m. Hopefully they will release 5.xx and video tools for the Marvel sometime soon...

James Brennan
12th July 1999, 07:36
Thanks Kruzin for your suggestion which I have tried. However, it seems to have had no effect on the two games in question which, as I say, WERE working okay at one time. I feel that I've tried every kind of reinstall imaginable! If you can suggest anything else I would be grateful.