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4th July 1999, 17:06
Using Virtual Pool 2, version 2.1.50, with all available patches installed, under Windows 98.
The standard display is set at 1600*1200 16-bit on a 21-inch monitor, using the Matrox G200 AGP 8 MB video card.
Under Matrox PowerDesk driver 4.51, everything is fine. Full-screen displays are offered in 8 and 16-bit varieties, from 640*480 to 1024*768, and DisplayModes/Desktop Window works flawlessly.
Under Matrox PowerDesk driver 5.13, a GPF occurs if one goes to DisplayModes/Desktop Window, and full screen displays now only offer 640*480 16-bit and 800*600 16-bit.

Since the new display driver and utilities work better in all other applications (tested), I have been able to isolate the problem to Virtual Pool 2.

Question 1: Any fix for this?

4th July 1999, 17:20
Hmm.. will investigate on monday, will let you know,


7th July 1999, 03:45
When you have the 8 and 16-bit modes, you are running in software.

When you get the 16bit only modes, then you have hardware enabled.

With the 4.51, 5.13, drivers, if you start the game (in d3d mode) with
the Windows Desktop on 1600x1200x16, you will get an invalid page fault.

Just for the record i tried it on a Diamond Viper V550, if you try to launch the game in 1600x1200x16 the game hangs.
So I believe that this is an application bug.

Hope that helps,

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