View Full Version : Problems with DirectDraw and 400x300 or 512x384

30th June 1999, 08:55
Hi Folks!
I just got Outcast from Appeal and do have some problems, like anybody else with a Matrox Mystique (and some other videoboards):
The game only runs the resolution 320x240, 400x300 and 512x384 (highly detailed Voxel-Engine, looks better than many 3D-Poly-Engines at 1024x768 http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif)
Now the problem is, that this game uses DirectDraw and cannot handle the 400x300 and 512x384 resolution. The screen should be fullscreen, but it fills only a tiny part of the monitor. The OSd of my monitor shows me 48kHz horizontal and 120Hz vertical frequency (very strange IMHO), but cannot recordnize the resolution...
The interesting part is that ALL DirectDraw-games seem to have this problem (DeltaForce for example, too)

One interesting point is that 400x300 and 512x384 without DirectDraw is no problem at all!

So my question:
Does anybody know, how to get my Mystique handle DirectDraw-frequencies between 320x240 and 640x480?