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Karl Parsons
26th June 1999, 05:29
How do you make Tribes run in OpenGL on an "OEM" MGA-G200 8MB?!?!! Where do you put the MGlide files if you can use that?!?! What drivers etc etc etc etc etc do I need?!!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Can you use the G200 Wrapper somehow?!?! HELP ME!!!!!!

26th June 1999, 05:37
I'll help you by trying to save you some time...don't bother trying to get OGL with tribes with the current drivers or wrapper.

Settle for software mode until the next drivers are out. With the next drivers, it will be playable, but still not great. The game was written for Glide, and the OGL in it sucks. This is a known issue, and Sierra claim to have a patch in the works to improve the games OGL support.

To see a few screenshots of Tribes with the latest ICD for the G200, look here:

Karl Parsons
26th June 1999, 05:45
I want OpenGL for Tribes cause when I go into battle in software mode it gets all choppy and looks like a slide show even though I have a cable modem and get 30 ping.

ALSO, I ran MXINFO from that site you showed me and I got this:

BIOS: checksum OK, version 1.3, file name:879-3
VENDOR_ID = 102b -> Matrox Graphics Inc.
DEVICE_ID = 0521 -> MGA G200 AGP
SUBSYS_VID = 102b -> Matrox Graphics Inc.
SUBSYS_ID = ff00 -> Card model: MGA-G200 AGP

So does this confirm that it's not a Millenium G200!?!?!?

26th June 1999, 06:09
I understand the desire to play in OGL mode. Unfortunatly, like I said, the OGL support of the game itself sucks. I tried for many hours to get it running, and at best had limited success (was totaly unplayable) with 4.51 and ICDb2. I also tried the wrapper, but that didn't work at all. It does work with the unreleased beta drivers, but it's still not as good as it should be. I only hope Sierra actually makes the OGL patch, instead of just moving on to their next title.

As far as what your card is...well, it doesn't look like a "real" Millennium. It's probably got SDRAM, right? The Powerdesk info tab will tell you that. Only cards with SGRAM are the "real" Millennium.

Here is the list of the various models, taken from gbm's site: Look for the sticker on your card to identify it by model number (G2+/MILA). There are now even more models available, but this list covers most of them...

Millenium G200 (G2+/MILA) - SGRAM (memory chips with pins on all four sides), 250 MHz RAMDAC.

Mystique G200 (G2+/MYSA) - SDRAM, TV output, 230 (sometimes 250!) MHz RAMDAC

G200 SD (G2+/SDA) - frequently sold as Millenium, Mystique or G200 OEM - the same as Mystique, but without TV output, 230 MHz RAMDAC.

Millenium G200 SD (G2+/MSDA) - sold as "Millenium OEM", SDRAM (pins on two sides of memory chips); 250 MHz RAMDAC, otherwise the board is identical to G200SD.

Millenium G200 SE (???) - bundled with ViewSonic monitors, RAMDAC rated at 320MHz

Karl Parsons
26th June 1999, 06:35
I said OpenGL but it was a mistake. I mean how do you run Tribes in GL or GLIDE. THere's MGlide246G available at http://www.multimania.com/nanotech/indexus.htm but I can't seem to get it to work with Tribes and my MGS-G200. It says it supports this card, I just don't know where to put hte Glide2x files!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS WORK!?!?!