View Full Version : Wages of Sin & D3D Wrapper & Fullscreen

Brian Loftus
24th June 1999, 05:31
Ooooh this is so damn frustrating .... (That sound you hear is me headbutting my monitor)

Here's the scoop:

I want to play Wages of Sin configured to DefaultGL in fullscreen at a minimum of 800x600. And no matter how hard I try, I can't get there.

Matrox Bios 2.3; 4.51 Drivers; OpenGL --> D3D Wrapper in Sin folder (for a while I also had the OpenGL files from Q3Arena Demo installed where ever they get installed to, but in a vain attempt to solve my problem I uninstalled it last night); W95 OSR 2.1. Desktop set to 16 bit.

I can get the game to OpenGL 320x240 (I think thatís the resolution) in a window mode (but what's the fun in that?!!). But if I try to go fullscreen (either through Alt-Enter or through the configuration menu) at any resolution, I get bounced back to software rendered. Every bloody time. The game will not run at any resolution in the DefaultGL setting in fullscreen. Arg!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions????