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5th June 2001, 02:15
There seems to be a problem with USB on my dads machine, everytime we try to scan something, the scaner hangs after ~30/40%, doesnt have problems with the preview though. installed the usb drivers that came with the mobo.

specs are as follows

amd 1.2, 266fsb
abit kt7a-raid mobo
512 Ram
win2k sp-2 (didnt work with sp-1 either)
epson perfection 1240U scanner (installed latest drivers and utilities)

after the scanner hangs, it has to be restarted, the scanning software has to be exited over the task manager, it doesnt react anymore.
anyone know where the problem might be?

5th June 2001, 03:05
Try the usb patch if you already haven't.
This a common bug of the via chipset and seems to be worse in abit boards. If you go to viahardware.com and look for goerges patches you may find one that may cure the problem.
Also try another Bios version from the abit site. The ww version is supposed to be most stable. The latest version is supposed to fix the soundblaster live version although it seems hit and miss.

5th June 2001, 07:43
Yes, welcome to the usb scanner hanging plague, courtesy of Abit.

I had to return my Abit KT7-raid because my usb scanner didnīt work on it. The scanner hanged on the beggining or in the middle of a scan.

I couldnīt get it to work. It did it on win2k and on winME. I tried several scanner drivers, several Via 4-1, Usb filter, OS reinstalls, Bios tweaking, Bios flashing...

I got a Asus A7V and the scanner worked as a charm. Same chipset, different motherboard.

5th June 2001, 07:53

Abit BE6II, Umax Astra 2200 USB

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn`t. Reinstalled VistaScan several times, no good. I gave up, next morning i turn the PC on, and everything works ... no explanation ... and sometimes the Floppy doesn`t read any disks, so i shutdown (not restart), power on and everything works again ... VERY strange.

Seth, are you ok ?
I`m peachy, Kate. The world is my oyster.

5th June 2001, 07:54
Thanks for the tips, pit, but they didnt work.
thanks for the cheerful news nuno http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

guess ill write an email to the abit support crew and ask them if they are working on the problem

5th June 2001, 09:49
Don't hold your breath.

5th June 2001, 10:04
Go into device manager and select your usb ports, under properties/advanced check "disable usb error detection" for all of the root ports.


5th June 2001, 10:05
hey, where is your optimism???

5th June 2001, 14:48
The Abit board has 2 root hubs...my scanner (HP) didn't work until I moved it to the unused hub (using the included cable/adapter and a unused rear slot). Now, it works about half the time, probably the best I can expect. Best friend has same board and got tired of the bullshit, installed a Lucent USB card. His works 100% of the time. **sigh**, must be nice...

6th June 2001, 06:08
Rags, it didnt work. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

Liquid Snake
6th June 2001, 12:32
I've never had a problem with my Abit BE6-II board here. I've used a crap USB modem and that works. My Epson 1200U scanner always works as well. This is under Win2K.

6th June 2001, 21:54
well i had similar prob.. my plustek scanner was detected as a USB scanner but cant seem to install the drivers when u plug it in.. worked around that by uninstalling it from the device and uninstalling any related s/w from the control panel. unplugged the scanner and rebooted the system. then i installed only the driver(from the vendor) and selected(forced)to use LPT port (scanner still unplugged). I did this just to get the driver installed. then i plugged in the USB scanner and when autodetected forced it to use the driver above.. ended up with 2 copies so i removed the LPT and rebooted ..worked fine... then i installed the s/w (etc action manager/utility)
This was done under win2k SP1

config of my rig :^)
Viewsonic PS775 17"(non-flat) G400DH 32MB Duron650MHz ASUS A7V PC133 128MB SDRAM SBLiveValue AltecLansing ACS45.1 Spkrs
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11th June 2001, 02:08
Aren't you supposed to install the drivers before pluging the scanner in?

11th June 2001, 05:51
I'm starting to have the same problems.

Abit KA7-100
256 MB RAM
Win2k SP2

Except my problem really screws me up. I have a USB mouse and keyboard...and every time I do even trivial stuff like copy a file, the USB dies. Screen saver kills the USB. Everything kills USB, except playing games.

Here are some fun links to check out! How many hot fixes are there post SP2? Guess...come on...guess...

Post Win2k SP2 Hot Fixes (http://support.microsoft.com/support/ServicePacks/Windows/2000/Win2000_Post-SP2_Hotfixes.asp)

USB issues in Win2k SP2 (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q278/3/23.asp?ID=278323)

Oh look...more USB Mouse and Keyboard troubles (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q285/8/73.asp?ID=285873)

And look...more USB Keyboard troubles...you'd think they would test this since all of their new keyboards are USB ready... (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q292/2/86.asp?ID=292286)

It's a good thing I don't use the right Ctrl key... (http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q296/2/26.asp?ID=296226)

Are we having fun yet?!?!?!?! Looks like I'm dropping back down to SP1 tonight.


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11th June 2001, 06:20
I'm a lucky bastard, I got one of the good KT7s. I've used zip drives, scanners, and quickcams with nary a problem, on any of the four usb ports. I didn't install the usb fix either. In fact a friend of mine had me troubleshoot his quickcam as it wasn't working on his machine. It turns out the problem was with the usb not being recognized by the computer. This was an AT mobo from Super 7 Hell with a VIA chipset.
I'm not sure I'll buy another Abit board though, too many horror stories

11th June 2001, 07:00
mouse, keyboard and printer work (all usb), didnt have problems with the camera yet (usb), only problem is that scanner... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

11th June 2001, 08:16
Thatīs the worst part of it. For some people, Abit KT133x boards work just fine with usb devices. Others are just left in the dust, because no matter what they do, they canīt get some usb devices running.

Defective boards? Some cursed hardware combinations? Donīt really know. This time we canīt really blame VIA, because this appears to happen only in Abit boards.

I had quite a few reasons to stay away from Abit boards. This proved me right. I had better thoughts about Asus, but since my A7V died on me, I donīt really know anymore.

Do you wanīt to know a brand that never gave me a single problem: Gigabyte. Go wonder.

11th June 2001, 11:56
I hadn't paid too much attention to gigabyte until I started "volunteering" at the local computer store (They can't afford to hire me yet so I work for credit when I come in... plus I can come and go when I please http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif)

They mainly deal with Gigabyte, with the occasional Asus, MSI, Abit... etc.

I now have alot of respect for them. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

They have shipped about 39 systems as of now and 30 or so of them have had Gigabyte boards... so far not one has had a problem. (We did have an ASUS board with faulty memory slots that had to be exchanged, I think it was a fluke as I haven't heard of that occuring that often.)

11th June 2001, 12:30
In all the USB problems I've ever seen (and it's quite a few!) - 99% of them are fixed by adding a (NON VIA CHIPSET) USB PCI Card, or using a POWERED USB hub.


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12th June 2001, 09:28
I just install Win2k with SP1 last night. All my USB whoa's are now gone. It looks like MS really screwed up USB in SP2. No SP2 for my Abit system.


12th June 2001, 11:31
A lot of the blame has placed a creative and various versions of the live. Out of interest have any of you lot with the probs got a live card.
I haven't tried USB since installing sp2 so I wondering if it's still working.

14th June 2001, 01:57
fact of the matter is that usb is actually working a little better with sp2 than it did with sp1, it almost makes it half through the scanning progress now http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

28th June 2001, 15:20
wow, abit sent me a reply a few days after I sent my email, and i finally did what they told me (bios update to kt7a-3c) and now it works perfect, no problems with the scanner so far, and the digital camera work withough problems (there were a few before), so if anyone else has usb problems with an abit kt7, do that bios update (they say you might lose your raid configuration, and thus you data, but i didnt http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif)