View Full Version : ATI is coming around, eh?

27th June 2001, 18:22
What I find strange is that everytime someone says ATI has really changed their business and are cleaning up because of it, I would get the strangest feeling that they were over extending themselves. Now that the numbers are in, it looks like I had the correct feeling. Is it me, or does it seem silly to try and compete with nVidia on their terms? This post is a link to what the hell I am talking about. (http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/7/20023.html)


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27th June 2001, 20:14
Well, I feel that they started late in the "lets make chips every 6 months and call it a revolution" game. It seems now that they are determined to play on Nvidia's playing field and appear to be doing a decent job. I realize that it isn't perfect but I am excited about the R200 and R300. As far as the drivers are concerned, they play every game I want to play and I don't have any issues in windows. I do have problems with the All-In-Wonder part of the card and I am disappointed in that.


28th June 2001, 01:29
they have no choice but to compete with nvidia on their termes, because nvidia is trying to take the mobile-deals away from them, as well as oem, so they just fight back.

if that results in better gpu's for less money (and if ati fixes their drivers) thats fine with me

28th June 2001, 03:00
Drivers and hardware, their fog implementation is really buggy and slow.

28th June 2001, 07:13

I have yet to see this infamous "fog problem" that everyone talks about. I have no problems with fog ever. One game that I play that has tons of fog and smoke is MW4 and there is never slowdown.