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8th June 2001, 07:21
I dont know what is the difference. I bought Asus adapter with core voltage adjuster for slot1-socket proc. I will post you later the exact model of adapter, I am at the university right now. My friend, sasa (I am using his nick) has MSI adapter and P2B (he has even older bios, 1011). He is running stable 850 at 1.65V for a 11 months. As I mentioned I tried this combo (Asus+566) on another machine, and it worked fine. Are you sugesting I should try another adapter? Can you recomend one? Thanx

8th June 2001, 07:55

Have you made any voltage adjustments
on the CPU card? For my setup (AsusP2B-L,
PIII850, and AsusCPU card), I had to increase the voltage to 1.70 before the
computer would boot.

MatroxG400MAX..and some other stuff

8th June 2001, 08:17
If it's a PPGA it will have the voltage set to 2V and CPU will not boot!

8th June 2001, 11:18
The latest BIOS is 1013.007. You can get that BIOS from the German ASUS site (ftp://ftp.asuscom.de/pub/ASUSCOM/BIOS/Slot_I/INTEL_Chipset/i440BX/P2B-LS/1013ls07.zip).

I use a P2B-S with a FC-PGA P!!!/850 running via an Abit SlotKET!!! at default settings 1.7v (1.728v at this moment).

8th June 2001, 16:06
Previous I had p2 400 and it worked fine. After that I bought celery 566 and adapter (asus). I can not make computer to boot. Monitor dont even turn on. I have G200, scsi IBM 4,2GB, plextor 40x. Celeron 333 slot 1 works ok. Bios is latest, 1012. I tried adapter+celery on another comp and it works fine. What should I do? THX

8th June 2001, 16:17
Do you have a FC-PGA adaptor or a PPGA?

9th June 2001, 06:32
Youy need to get a flip chip (FCPGA) adapter or it will not work. Also get a bios that supports higher multipliers.


9th June 2001, 11:04
If I am reading your post right sasa... you don't need a different adapter because the one you have has been tried and has worked in a different computer...

Just trying to clarify things first.

9th June 2001, 11:12
cbman from what I have found out (By my own expirience) a adaptor that works on one MOBO does not have to work with another!

9th June 2001, 12:07

Read the post again. He had a P400 (obviously slot 1) and after bought an adapter and celery.


9th June 2001, 13:57
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Originally posted by DJ:

Read the post again. He had a P400 (obviously slot 1) and after bought an adapter and celery.


<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Originally posted by sasa:
Previous I had p2 400 and it worked fine. After that I bought celery 566 and adapter (asus). I can not make computer to boot. Monitor dont even turn on. I have G200, scsi IBM 4,2GB, plextor 40x. Celeron 333 slot 1 works ok. Bios is latest, 1012. I tried adapter+celery on another comp and it works fine. What should I do? THX </font>


Read my post again.

Does it seem like I have a problem understanding that his P2-400 was slot one.. that is not what I was asking.

The Celeron 566 and the adapter worked in a different computer. Therefore it more than likely is a problem with his board not liking the adapter (Guru) or as you stated a need for higher multipliers. (Which according to the following article.. doesn't matter)


Taken from Overclockers.com

Flash the P2B motherboard to the latest Bios 1012. The new bios not only fixed many bugs but also contains the necessary codes that needed to run the Coppermine CPU. The latest Bios and the flushing utility is available to download from Asus Website at www.asus.com.tw (http://www.asus.com.tw)

Choose a slocket that supports Coppermines. There had been reports of good results with Asus S370-133, Asus S370-L and MSI MS6905 Master slocket. Stay away from any Abit slockets and Iwill slockets can be troublesome sometime.

Install the FC-PGA Coppermine CPU carefully and set the Vcore voltage jumpers to 1.8V for the earlier P2B and 1.6V for the later P2B. The motherboard will boot at this setting and you could increase the voltage later on for farther overclocking.

In part one, I went over how to upgrade the 440BX based Asus P2B Slot 1 motherboard to faster Coppermine CPUs by flushing the Bios and using a slotket. In Part II I will go over on how to overclock this motherboard.

The P2B is actually a very stable overclocker because of its quality and the 4:1 PCI divider. Even at 133 MHz front bus speeds and above, the 4:1 divider keeps your PCI peripherals well within the PCI spec. In the earlier P2B, FSBs are limited above 100 MHz to only 103, 112 & 133. The later P2B has more FSB selections.

On the earlier P2B, the on board external clock multiplier can only be set to 8X at its highest but it doesn't matter anymore when using it with a Coppermine CPU. The P2B motherboard will run with whatever numbers the Coppermine CPU has in its locked on-chip clock multiplier, although sometimes this will cause a false report of the CPU speed during boot. If you run any kind of benchmark utility on it, you will know all your numbers are still there. All overclocking on the Asus P2B is done on the front bus speed only with Vcore voltage adjustments.

There's no Vcore voltage adjustment on the P2B motherboard, but it can be done on the Slotket. The voltage regulator on the P2B doesn't like 0.05V +/- adjustments such as 1.75V or 1.85V. Instead, the Vcore voltage should be rounded up to the next number like 1.8V or 1.9V.

There are also some issues with the Slotket: Make sure to check your case's inside clearance before buying one. Some cases that have a power supply right next to the CPU Slot, such as the InWin A500, may have clearance problems with some taller slotkets like the Asus S370-133.

Also, many slotkets have a jumper to select between Coppermine and Celeron CPUs. This Celeron setting is referring to the original .25 Celeron, not the current .18 Celeron II. If you're using a Celeron II CPU, the jumper should be set on the Coppermine setting.

9th June 2001, 15:35

My mistake, I did not notice that he said that it worked on another comp http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/redface.gif. And yes the lack of higher multiplier (at least for me) has not been a problem except for the wrong CPU speed in the bios.


9th June 2001, 15:40
sasa, Tom and I have successfully slotcket'ed our P2B-XX motherboard with above-spec CPUs. Maggi, who often posts in these forums, pioneered a lot of the o/c'ing P2B based Celery IIs for us here on these forums. Maggi and I use the Abit SlotKET!!! and I believe Tom uses the Asus SL-370 slocket. Search around the forums and you'll find a wealth of information that the three of us have exchanged (including site links). Now you could listen to those of us who actually have done this upgrade or ...

9th June 2001, 16:52
That's ok DJ...

I was getting in trouble by the wife during the last post... so sorry if I came off a bit hardnosed.

I too have done the upgrade, in my case it was for a guy my father works with.

The slotket was a no-name one he picked up in Toronto. The board was an ASUS P2B-L... The upgrade worked.

I was skeptical about the no name slotket he picked up, but he was lucky (And it was luck as the guy is fairly hardware illiterate... thumbs up for the tech guy at the shop he went to for providing the proper equipment) ... the install was fairly straightforward.

Is that kinda what you meant by someone who has done it, xortam http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif.

I only posted the above info to prevent having to type it all out myself.

(Edited for clarity.. it still could use some work.. but for now its better than when I first posted)
What can I say... I am lazy and probably would have left out something, (Due to the wife naggin http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif)

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12th June 2001, 05:06
First of all, excuse me for not answering 3 days, I was off line. I checked adapter, it is Asus s370-dl. I did try different voltage settings, from 1.5V (thats default for celeron 566) to 1.7V. I am not sure I should try 2.0 V because celery could die. I suppose it should work on default voltage. As I mentioned, my friend runs same celery on ordinary P2B, MSI adapter. He has old bios 1011, he set voltge to 1.65 and he is running 850 for about 10 months. My celery is checked and he works fine even at 850 on another comp. I even tried to change multiplier jumpers, regardles there is no position for such high multiplier. On P2B friend previously had celery 400, and he did not change multiplier. Should I tried another adapter? Although it is ridiculous that asus adapter makes troubles with asus mainboard...

12th June 2001, 07:26
What rev P2B-LS is this? Did you try searching the forum for our threads (including posts from your namesake)? Try this one (http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Forum3/HTML/003383.html). I refer to a site called CTechNet (http://www.ctechnet.com/hardware/asus.htm#41200) which will give specific suggestions by MB rev #. You can also read about other's experiences and suggestions in <a href=news:alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus>the ASUS NG</a>. You should also check out the CPU database at overclockers.com (http://www.overclockers.com).

12th June 2001, 07:45
The rev 1.02 adapter should work with fc-pga cpus!
I have an asus s370-dl rev 1.02 that fried 2 mobos and on cpu!

BTW do you think you could try your friends adaptor with your cpu and mobo?

12th June 2001, 09:09
That's a good Idea Guru... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

See if you can do that...

If the same guy has the same setup as you (Slotket and Cele 566) and his works in your board and vice versa, then see if you can trade him. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

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14th June 2001, 08:10
You are right, I will try another adapter. If that dont work I will be forced to buy another MB.

18th June 2001, 08:23
I tried another adapter. Nothing. I will buy another MB. Thanks to everyone.

18th June 2001, 08:53
Did you try it at 1.8VCore and 66MHz FSB already ?