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11th June 2001, 13:56
Hi all,

I've got a strange problem. I'm borrowing a friends GeFarce 2 MX and I can't seem to get a decent frame rate in UT. The Thunder demo will, it seems stutter every little while, and never get above 30fps @ 1024*768 and it averages 20fps. Anyone know why this is?

By the way I'm using the 6.50 Win2K drivers (12.41 didn't work, and neither do these it seems).

thanks for any replies, system specs as below


AMD Duron 650@750MHz
256MB Micron PC-133 CAS3 -7E @ 133MHz CAS2
13.6GB Maxtor 7200RPM Hard Drive
8.4GB Quantum CR
20 GB Quantum LM
Toshiba SD-M1212 6X DVD ROM
Plextor 8/4/32A
SB Live X-Gamer 5.1
Zoltrix TV-MAX Capture Card (BT848)
17" Hansol 710P
10/100 Ethernet card (D-Link)
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer

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11th June 2001, 14:07
GeForceīs, MX in particular (due to bandwidth constraints) always had trouble with UT engine. Something to do with texture management. They seem to run it better in OpenGl than in Direct3D.

Oh, and Nvidiaīs win2k drivers arenīt as good as they want you to believe...

The budget card right now for UT is KyroII. It runs UT amazingly well on win2k...

11th June 2001, 14:41

So this is the performance I should expect from this card in 2K? I just want to know as my G400 kicks its butt right now in UT.