View Full Version : They Hunger 3

14th May 2001, 15:34
It came out in this months PC Gamer, but no CD's where shipped here. Has anyone gotten it? I would like to get a copy if at all possiable. This is not a warez thing the game is a free distrabution being a mod.


15th May 2001, 07:27
I'm guessing it's rather large as it contains all 3 TH levels.

I haven't fired it up yet (TH1 was too easy & buggy, TH2 was exponentially harder, but not any more fun).

www.pcgamer.com (http://www.pcgamer.com) probably has it for d/l or will shortly (after subscribers have initial crack at it).

15th May 2001, 08:08
Sorry I can't help you out. I just let my subscription expire. I inherited PCLamer http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif when PCXL went under. I found Lamer to be ... well, lame. PCXL was fun reading through every little spec.

15th May 2001, 15:17
Well they will have it for download, but not until the middle of june. I got that much off the forum on their site. The author actually left a note about it. This seems to be a common problem.

Thx all,