View Full Version : Good UPS with power filtering?

Jon P. Inghram
29th April 2001, 15:16
Before it gets too far into summer I really want to get something to help keep the AC going to my system nice and clean... any recommendations or pointers to a site with reviews? Also, should I hook everything connected to the computer to the UPS, or just the monitor and computer? Here's a list of all the peripherals:

1:computer with 300 watt PS
2:KDS AV195TF monitor, < 140 watts
3:HP DeskJet 882c printer, 20-30 watts while printing, 5 off/standby according to website, 1 amp @ 120v on external PS.
4:HP ScanJet 5100c scanner, no idea how much power it uses, can't find the manual and it doesn't say on the scanner, and HP's site is useless
5:SURFboard SB2100 cable modem, 27 watt wall wart
6:MS Sidewinder pro FF2 joystick, just says 1 amp at 100-240 VAC. 120 watts at 120 VAC seems a tad excessive, but I guess that's MS for ya
7:AC56 speakers, wow... 240 watts!

Ok, that's everything. All I'd really want is to keep the AC into the computer and monitor at a nice 120v @ 60hz.

29th April 2001, 15:42
I have a APC BackUps Pro 500. I'm running a 400watt PS off of it, which only gives me about 10-20 minutes of running time. (Depending if HDs are powered down)

Main feature I like about it is the USB connection which will shutdown the PC when the battery is down to xx%. Win2k and WinXP natively support this.

29th April 2001, 16:01
You only need to connect equipment to the UPS that is required in order to perform an orderly shutdown in case of power failure (SW handles notification). You're not going to need more than a few minutes battery power to shut everything down. The other thing to look for is line conditioning and its capacity to handle very large power surges. APC has been my choice both at home and office.

Jon P. Inghram
29th April 2001, 18:35
Hmm... thanks! I'll probably get one of those BackUps Pro 500's then. They have a line of conditioner/surge protector only units, but the cost difference is so small I might as well get the full blow UPS.

One reason I want a UPS is that the power at my house isn't the most stable and the monitor shows it. In the bottom right corner the image will wiggle and flicker whenever the electric company starts playing around.