View Full Version : Problems with new drivers and the pcchipsboard

4th February 2001, 06:48
Are you using the latest AGP driver for your motherboard? It uses a BXCel chipset which appears to be a rebadged ALi chipset so the latest drivers should be on the following page :-


Download and install those and see if it helps.

4th February 2001, 13:30
I don't mean to be rude, but the problem is that you have a pcchips board. Those boards are very low quality, and pcchips has sold fraudulent chips in the past.

Change if you can.

4th February 2001, 17:47
ive got soem conflicts with drivers newer then the 4.33c and my motherboard (i suppose). If i install a newer version the system doesnt boot anymore correctly. Ive got the g200 card and the 726 pcchips mainboard.
THX :STef@n: