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30th January 2001, 19:56
Can someone tell me how the TARGET thing works. I have a HTML page that uses 2 frames and 1 of them use TARGET="_top" but what does top represent in realyty?

I'm asking this 'cus I did a little software that goes on that page and I used navigate function and passed _TOP as parameter but the function didn't found what it was... so I changed it to main_frame which the name of the upper frame and it creates errors. So now i'm wondering what _TOP is...


31st January 2001, 04:25
All the official html specifications, as well as short explanations of what does what:
www.w3c.org (http://www.w3c.org)

copy past from there:
The user agent should load the document into the full, original window (thus canceling all other frames). This value is equivalent to _self if the current frame has no parent.

So as you can see, if you have a link on a page with frames, and target="_top" is a parameter of that link, it will kill the frames and put the target of the link over the whole browser window in stead of one of the frames of the page.

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2nd February 2001, 12:22
Given to me by good buddy JamesA:
www.blooberry.com (http://www.blooberry.com)

2nd February 2001, 14:33
Thanks to both of you I've got all I need now and the bug in my app has been corected.