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30th January 2001, 07:07
The two IBM 30GB 75GXP's I got last week for $136 each are up to $142 and climbing due to shortage,says my supplier.

30th January 2001, 11:20
I think that IBM is just moving to larger capacities. The 45GB gxp I bought from buy.com for $172 is now $163 (and $197 down to $183 for the retail), and the 30GB is $160.

30th January 2001, 13:26
Anbody know where I can buy another drive for my SCSI RAID array? 9.1 GB IBM Ultrastar 9ES (39130W). Seems shops are only selling the Ultra 160s these days.

Brian R.
30th January 2001, 15:30


30th January 2001, 15:57
Thanks Brian, but Computer Smarts wants $499 for that drive, and an OEM version at that. I only paid $338 for the real deal, and that was almost two years ago. I may send off a query to Genisys: Too bad they don't post their pricing or shipping rates. Have you ever bought anything from them?

Anybody else know of some good pricing on this drive?

Brian R.
31st January 2001, 06:55
No sorry,I haven't dealt with either of these vendors.

31st January 2001, 07:43
xortam, I went to pricewatch and did a search for 39130 and came up with 3 companies that look like they are actually selling this thing still. BTW, if you go to IBM's site and look up the drive, it's obviously an older model, which is also evident cause you bought your first one 2 years ago, so it's entirely possible that it has been discontinued.

Anyway, here are the three sites. I checked through them and it looks like they have the right model, but you are probably best off calling them to make sure.


Hope thats what you are looking for.


31st January 2001, 10:28
Thanks! You're right ... I do believe the drive is discontinued which makes the hunt that more thrilling. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Here's the spec's on my drive (http://www.storage.ibm.com/hardsoft/diskdrdl/prod/9esprod.htm). CompuView didn't have the drive but they had a DNES-309170 which looks close enough ($174): 7 ms seek (vs. 7.5), 2 MB cache (vs. 512 KB). I'll have to check out the performance a bit more on the IBM site.

Bason had the same drive for $209. Didn't find anything on Drive Guys.

I'm going to have to hunt around some of the local SCSI shops and see if I can find one. I know of a couple good shops here in the valley for everything SCSI. I've got some other options if I don't find my exact drive in factory fresh condition.