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22nd January 2001, 07:55
I've recntly installed a new G400 card in my machine, but I'm not sure what the best drivers are right now. I'm using the latest that were released back around the middle of December 2K, but every time I go to shut down my machine, it locks up right before the "it is now safe to turn off your machine" message.

What to do? Any suggestions? My mobo is an older EPOX EP-58MVP3C-M with the Via chipset and a K6-2/300 chip. quite frankly, most of the posts here seem to be negative about any via chipsets....could that be what's ailing me?

Maybe I should'nt sweat this; i'm switching to the Abit KT7-RAID within the next 2 days and will retire my present box to a Linux gateway for my cable access...

Chucky Cheese
22nd January 2001, 08:46

do your hardware upgrade and then come back to us with your system specs and installed OS...good or bad!


22nd January 2001, 12:21
Hi JerryH,

First thing to do is bootup in safe mode and goto control panel/system/device manager/display adapters and delete everything under that tab.

Then do this exactly:

Download the new G400 drivers, download the 4in1 driver pack from Via, download the uninstall utility from Matrox, run the uninstall utility and reboot, install the 4in1 driver pack in normal mode reboot and go into your bios and disable "read around write" save settings and exit, boot into windows and run the setup for the matrox drivers you downloaded, reboot and you should be up to speed.


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22nd January 2001, 12:43
Howdy JerryH, just be aware that the Abit KT7A RAID board has given some folks fits, can be a challenge to set up.

Check out the forums here
or got here
for some tips with setups.

Happy to tell you the G400 works in it though.

22nd January 2001, 12:52
Thanks for the help, folks.

RAgs - I was wondering if I had to do something with the Via chipset. I'll try that fix when I get home.

Racer - I read your earlier post about your installation. Glad to hear that the G400 and KT7RAID work well together, and that the overall installation went pretty smooth (I'm waiting on my case, that's all) Can't wait to get it going - now, only 3DRealms needs to release Duke Nukem 4Ever, and everything is set!!

22nd January 2001, 14:14
JerryH, I sent Rags over here to help you out (he's the man with the plan and solution for this problem! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Welcome to the forums http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif