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21st January 2001, 14:30
Hi Folks,

Just finished a fresh Windows98SE Install...
(Bought myself a drive image Program and finaly wanted to backup a clean state of the windows partition).... Everything went fine, until I installed LiveWare 3.0... (Specs below) - ok, took me 3 hours to realize that with my running System before I had disabled the USB Device through Win98... Both SB and USB shared the IRQ 5... ok, but this time I do not wanted to disable the USB Port - so I thought: Well I do not need COM2 and I am to lazy to replace the SB to another Slot... so I disabled the COM Port in my BIOS and set the PCI Port to remain on 5... NADA, was of no help, but as I reset the PCI Port to Auto and was not fast enough to stop the following
loading of Windows... I was amazed to see that on IRQ 4 the problem was gone, SB just fine, USB (tested with mice, repluged to PS2 cause of variable scanrate) just fine and finally I am in search for the big ?WHY?....

Ok, here are my Specs.... (Firmware of all devices updated to the newest ones available, no OCing)

Asus P2B-F, Celeron500, 3x128MB Ram
Teac 3.5" FDD, 3 IBM HDDs (46GB total),
Samsung DVD SD-604F (cause of RPC1),
Logitech MouseMan Wheel Optical, SupraExpress56e,
NoName Realtek Ethernet 10/100 Ethernetcard,
G450 32MB DDR, HP694C, OptiPro 9630P


00 Systemzeitgeber
01 Keyboard
02 Interrupt-Controller
03 COM1
04 SBLive
04 Intel82371AB/EB PCI/USB UHC
06 FDD Controller
07 LPT1
08 CMOS-/Echtzeituhr
10 10/100M PCI Fast Ethernet
11 G450
11 ACPI IRQ-Holder
12 OpticalMouse
13 FPU
14 INTEL 82371AB/EB PCI BusMaster IDE
13 Primary IDE Controller (dual fifo)
15 INTEL 82371AB/EB PCI BusMaster IDE
15 Secondary IDE Controller (dual fifo)

So why the SB Live canīt share on IRQ5, why does it even refuse to work there if no other
device shares with it there... but just runs fine at IRQ4... Damned, I hate this....
maybe I have just to consider myself lucky that there are no other conflicts with it...

(And I have to force AGP1x for the G450, but
BusMastering and Z-Buffer working, and yes
I have the latest INTEL INF Files for the BX
Chipset... and oh yeah, the Mobo still uses a 333 timing for the RAMs, but all are
specified 222 for 66Mhz, 222 for 100Mhz, and just one (the only 133Modul is speced 322 for 133, but 222 for the other modes)

22nd January 2001, 00:02
Hi Shandra!

I have experianced the same thing with an Abit motherboard. I was happy just to get the bloody thing running, so I didn't question the outcome too deeply. Count your blessings....

I swear I'm going to learn to speak German and go see Berlin! Wait & see...

22nd January 2001, 10:26
The SBLIVE needs a second irq for legacy (DOS) applications and normally uses irq 5 for this (though you may be able to set it to use irq 7 (i.e., share with printer port). If it is using irq 5 for its primary irq, it is very likely to have problems with the second irq when it tries to use irq 5 a second time.

The SBLIVE is a rather finicky card in that it hates to share irqs. One has to be careful about putting it into a pci slot that doesn't share an irq with video or usb etc.

Robert Inkol