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18th January 2001, 22:22
Is DX8 worth installing on Win2k? Does it fix anything? Cause problems?

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18th January 2001, 22:35
DX8 and win2k were destined for each other. My games work better, and my SB Live! works better (still needs improvement, tho).


19th January 2001, 23:14
Yep, Directx8 is sweet. Especially when you have drivers that support it.

20th January 2001, 01:57
No problems here with DX8, yet.

Dustin, why on earth are you running a Katmai on your system? That BF6 & Crucial RAM are begging for a Coppermine..

20th January 2001, 09:22
DirectX 8 is a _NECESSARY_ update to Win2k. The version of directX 7 that shipped with Win2k had a number of fairly serious bugs that are fixed with DX8. You'll see at least a 25% speed boost in DX on your video, and real hardware support for your sound card.

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