View Full Version : YES! I think I fixed my lock-up problem!

Electric Amish
18th January 2001, 16:13
My problem is/was that even when the system wasn't overclocked it would lock-up in Age of Empires and 3dmark 2K. It would play UT for several hours, though....

Anyway, I was messing around on the 'net last night with a couple of IE browser windows open and for some reason the inactive window kept locking up. I would have to kill the app from the task manager to get rid of it.

I think about it for a minute and remember that I just downloaded and installed the IE5.5 upgrade. So I removed the upgrade and reverted the system back to the original IE 5.0.

I figured that since Win98SE is so intimate with IE that maybe this might affect my lock-up problem. So I start testing....

I have my Athlon 700 @ 850 with my GFD (8x100). So I start running 3dmark and incrementing the FSB a little at a time. I got clear up to 910mhz (107x8.5) before 3dmark would lock-up. I then change my GFD to 900mhz (9x100) and 3dmark still didn't lock-up. I've never been able to run 3dmark at 900mhz without a lock-up.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get to test out Age of Empires and see if it's fixed that problem as well.

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