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9th January 2001, 22:41


13th January 2001, 09:26
I just get a lock up mid' Installation then a blue System Halt on boot up with the V4.28 drivers.. Anyone else had and overcome this problem?



13th January 2001, 11:01
I got a lock up during install on WinME (Win2k was OK). Booting into safe mode and installing from there seemed to do the trick.

13th January 2001, 13:24
Noup! Works fine here?

13th January 2001, 16:25
That worked perfect,

Cheers Rik!

Ath SOC1 750Mhz,G4MAX,Asus a7V, Vortex 2, Maxtor+ 40 30GB, 256Mb(133)

14th January 2001, 07:59
the via bm drivers install all my ide devices in win 2k as scsi devices, 4.26+ all do this for me.

14th January 2001, 09:25
As usual the VIA busmaster totaly fubar my IDE. This is on my VP6. Back to normal VIA driver install. AGP & INF ONLY! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

15th January 2001, 15:57
Same thing here with IDE drives. Under win2k all my IDE stuff is shown as SCSI and I get disk error in the event log. Also, SiSoft Sandra says my HDD is no faster than a plain EIDE drive. With the 4.25, I don't remember this happening and Sandra said my drive was twice as fast.

Second problem, this time Win98SE. When I install any VIA drivers, it installs the viagart.vxd from the agp33 folder. This might be because I have a Super Seven board with a K6-3+450 and the agp33 folder, I think, might be for SS7 boards. Unfortunately, the video drivers for my new ATI Radeon won't install with these. I had to manually copy the viagart.vxd from the via\agp folder (not the agp33 folder) to the Windows\System folder. Then they loaded fine. Took me two days to figure that one out.

Doesn't seem to affect my G400. The 6.2 drivers work under either viagart.vxd.


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