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15th January 2001, 07:03
Asus has finally released it's DDR RAM/AMD 761 chipset motherboard!!!


Crucial is finally selling DDR RAM!

http://www.crucial.com/store/listModule.asp#DDR PC2100

Unfortunately the DDR2100 parts are not listed yet, but the DDR1600 parts are selling at PC133 prices.

So that means for about $600 USD you can buy the Asus A7M266, 256 MB DDR1600 and an Athlon 1.2 GHz. WOW!! If only I had $600 to spare :_(


Athlon 650
256 MB PC133 CAS3 from Crucial
40 GB storage from WD
Matrox G400 (it's not dead yet!)
SB Live! the original full retail, still going strong
Klipsch ProMedia v.2-400, the PC speakers that goes BOOM!
Hope Matrox releases the G800 before rebuild time, becuase the end is near!

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15th January 2001, 07:46
You might be able to run the PC1600 at PC2100 anyway.

15th January 2001, 10:21
Don't see what the hype is about. DDR isn't THAT much faster than SDRAM

15th January 2001, 10:46
Jammrock, I would ask Paddy[MU] for a loan as he doesn't know what to do with his money!

15th January 2001, 11:49
No more loans for Jammrock! Jammrock has too much debt as is! Jammrock must finish paying his tribute to the plastic demon gods before he buys a new computer!

Just read an article at FiringSquad.com. Says the new KT133A boards (supports 266 MHz FSB with PC133) are only 5-8% slower than the DDR boards. Ingenious! Of course once the second gen DDR boards and faster chips come out that gap will grow, and grow, and grow...

Jammrock needs a higher paying job.