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11th January 2001, 06:16
I heard this little program mentioned in posts earlier, but then the thread was locked. This was a while back.

I would like more details on it from the people who use it. I have been to the main website and found it rather lacking in some information.

Is it just a proxy? Does it have any problems with opening 15 IE windows (manually, of course) to surf? Is it stable under 2000? Does it mess anything else up? Anything else of relevance or interest?


11th January 2001, 07:26
I use it all the time (under Win98) with NS 4.76, several different builds of Mozilla and ie 5.5 sp1 without any problems.

It can act as a proxy server if you like, but unless you need that functionality you don't have to configure it as such. I only use it to screen ads and what not.


11th January 2001, 07:40
I use it on IE5. Works great for filtering out banner ads and annoying pop-up windows.
I also use it as a proxy server, to let my kids PC access the net.

Best freeware program I've gotten yet.

11th January 2001, 10:43
I've used it for quite some time now in Win2k with both IE5 and Opera 5.01... no problems with it at all... great program! It works as a proxy indeed

11th January 2001, 11:19
Thanks a lot for the quick replies and the info. Guess I'll just have to give it a go then. Sounds like it's just what the doctor ordered.


11th January 2001, 11:48
You heartless bastards how will I be able to maintain my playboy life style, fast cars, fast jets and fast women without my ad views http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

11th January 2001, 12:38
Actually Ant, webwasher fools the server that the ad has been loaded. I guess we will have to find another piece of ad removal software that doesn't.

11th January 2001, 16:10
Well, I gotta say that WebWasher is pretty nifty. It has its limits, though, since it will filter out many legitimate things.

For example, many scripts are obnoxious, but some are rather useful, and sometimes you can't view a page properly without enabling scripts. Problem is that you've gotta know that the page has these scripts so you can turn off WebWasher for those pages.

Aside from that, though, it's great and makes life much easier in some ways. One way or the other, I'm impressed with it.


Fat Tone
12th January 2001, 01:12
www.adfilter.com (http://www.adfilter.com)
works pretty great too, but it's not a proxy. It lets you filter 5000 ads before you have to buy ($24.95 or equiv.).
I bought it as it makes all the worlds difference when using a 56k modem!


12th January 2001, 01:27
Webwasher does that and more (proxy) and is free

14th January 2001, 13:53
I just finished trying webwasher and adfilter. Webwasher is more feature rich by including the proxy server, but more is not necessarily better. (However FREE is always good http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I noticed a bit of a perfomance hit on page downloads using Webwasher. Adfilter doesn't have that same performance hit. (I'm on a cable modem, so a difference is noticeable)

Anyone else experience this?