View Full Version : KT7 Won't Boot From SCSI With WT or WW BIOS

4th January 2001, 06:20
My Abit KT7 non-RAID MB refuses to boot from SCSI with either of the last two BIOS updates for the non-RAID board. All BIOS settings checked and reset after flash. Get message "press any key to reboot."

Have to keep flashing back to the original UL BIOS, then life is good. SO anyone else boot from SCSI with KT7?

5th January 2001, 10:58
Have you tried the latest (beta) WZ BIOS for the KT7? You can find it here:

I have a Dual-Boot system (98SE and 2k), the 98SE is located on an UDMA HD while the Win2k system sits on a SCSI disk.
No problems booting into both with the WZ BIOS, but I think the BootManager sits on the UDMA HD...

5th January 2001, 11:36
Hi Indiana,

I will download it and give it a try. Others have confirmed this on the abit MB forum too. Only the UL BIOS will work.

I disconnect my other drives when I loaded Win2000 so I did not have to deal with the boot manager. I just like to use SCSI select to select my boot drive.

Have Win98SE loaded on an IDE drive for games only, Win98SE on one SCSI drive and Win2000 on another SCSI drive.

Thanks much

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9th January 2001, 12:12
Just saw something that may be related to your problem in the DISK section of Paul's unofficial ABit KT7 Mainboard - FAQ: http://www.apushardware.com/faqs/kt7faq/faqdisks.html

You have to scroll down to the bottom and for "Why do I get "Press A Key to Reboot" when I try to boot off my Adaptec SCSI Controller?"...

9th January 2001, 16:04
Thanks again, Indiana. I have frequented his site but never ventured onto that page.

Right now, with the WW BIOS, if I leave a bootable CD,like Win2000 Pro, in the SCSI CD ROM, it is noted in the SCSI BIOS and tells you to press any key to boot from CD. Wait a few and it says no disk found, press any key and then it will boot from SCSI drive.

Will give this tip a go, let you know.