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30th December 2000, 22:38
Ok heres the deal.
I went to burn a CD today and the software (EZ CD Creator 4) doesn't see my burner any more. The only thing that I can think of that I changed is that I just got a new 40Gb Maxtor and installed it. I used Norton Ghost to copy everything over from the old drive.

I have tried reinstalling the software numerous times using 3 different upgrade versions with no luck.

If I can't get it working i'm going to try to reformat ans start from sratch but I would prefer not to.

31st December 2000, 03:22
is your burner recognised in bios & windows?

31st December 2000, 11:18
Both the Bios and windows see the drive as a CD drive.

I think it's just a corrupt registry, I'm going to reformat and start from scratch to simplify things.

I was backing everything up when I started to get time to finish copying as being 1704352 minutes (it took 20) which I worked out to be roughly 3.25 years. I mean come on I know my computer ain't the fastest on the block but really. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Thanks anyways ayoub_ibrahim.


Hint: If I wanted your opinion on which software is better I would have asked it, perhaps in the frame of a question such as "Which recording software is better?" or perhaps "Which is better EZ CD Creator or Nero Burning ROM?"

Hint- I have tried 3-4 different programs and decided to go with the one I did for overall ease of use and for the fact that it was the only one that let me burn an 80 minute music CD (what i was looking to burn at the time) both Nero and CDRWin refused. Nero worked later on a different CD but...

Re-reading this it sounds a bit worse then I meant it to be but you really should watch the tone of what you say.

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31st December 2000, 11:26

I have had this problem before.

I solved it by editing the registry. What happens is that the drive designation changes for EZCD.

Have you tried uninstalling EZCD completely first?


31st December 2000, 11:38

What you should try before doing a complete reformat is this:

Uninstall EZCD.

Open Regedit, goto HKLM/software and delete the adaptec folder.
Then goto HKCU/software and delete the adaptec folder.
Then finally goto HKU/----- there will be a long assed number there, or several of them. Go into each one and delete the adaptec folder.

When you are finished, reboot, and reinstall EZCD and it's patches as you normally would.


31st December 2000, 12:21
No go

It says engine Intialization failed now.

I must have done somethingelse that i can't remember and now I paying for it. Its no real big deal to format. I just did it on Dec 22 so for all I know its been broken since then because I can't remember if I used it since then or not. I should really go get my head checked. My birthday is next month and I had to check my ID to see if I was turning 24 or 25 (seriously a couple girls from work were there and they laughed their butts off) http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/redface.gif

Besides I'm bored and it'll help me keep busy for an hour or so. i have it down to science now. And I want to make a ghost image of my basic system anyways.

Thanks anyways Rags

31st December 2000, 12:52

I had this same problem too when I did it one time, but I just remember vaguely what I did to get it to work, I believe I deleted the adaptec folder in program files too, but am not sure. You wouldn't happen to be running win2k, would you?

Oh, your B-Day is next month? So is mine. And your age is pretty close to mine as well. What a coincidence, eh?

Hint: 01/10/76 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


31st December 2000, 13:10
I had a problem sorta like this when I first got my new burner (from a 8100 to a 9100) I accidently installed an older version ontop of a new one and when I reinstalled the new one I started to get all sorts of registry errors and stuff. I think pretty much the same thing is happening now even with uninstalling everything.
I'm using 98se, haven't tried 2k yet but I'll have to soon because we;'re supposed to be moving to 2k at work next spring (we have 95 now but that was just done in 1998 before that it was 3.11)

You're a year and 2 days older. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Anyways I'll be back in an hour or so to let you know how it goes.

31st December 2000, 14:18
It seems to be working now. The software sees the hardware anyways. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I haven't burnt a disc yet I'll try after I reinstall a few more things.