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30th December 2000, 10:02
I know from reading this and the Matrox forums that my G400 is a OEMboard. But can someone tell which OEM it is.

MGI G4+ M4A 16DG
Matrox846-0201 Rev A
Rev 203D

I know it's a 16Mb, 4xAGP G400 but which drivers and BIOS update would I need?
What does the DG after the 16 mean?


30th December 2000, 11:22
was it part of a ready packaged pc & if so, which one?

30th December 2000, 11:30
The DG means Dualhead and sGram.


30th December 2000, 11:37
that's the problem. It was sold to my brother as a Matrox G400, not a word about where it came from. Somehow it doesn't work right with the standard Matrox drivers. I've read that OEMs might need special drivers from the OEM company. That's what I'm trying to find out. So far I have found that especially Compaq uses their own BIOS on certain devices.

30th December 2000, 11:53
What are the system specs he is trying to use this on?
List hardware, OS, drivers, bios revision and IRQ's used please.

30th December 2000, 12:31
RAGS: that with the DG being dualhead and SGRAM can't be right. It's not a Dualhead. That's for sure. I know from the Matrox forum that a DH in front of the 4A is the designation for dualhead. Could it be possible that DG stands for a company name?

Specs: 466Mhz Celeron, ASUS P2B-F, IRQ11, driver 6.21.003, BIOS 1.5-22

30th December 2000, 12:33
Sorry, I misread the part number, but it's not a special card IIRC.

What kind of problems are you having?