View Full Version : SCompRacer goes KT7 with a 'bird

28th December 2000, 15:28
Got an AMD Duron 700 for xmas and wandered over to the PC dealer for a MB. Ended up returning the Duron, upgrading to a 900Mhz T'bird, getting an Abit KT7 without RAID and 128MB Micron PC/133 memory.

Did a search here for any SCSI issues but came up with none. Going to transfer my 2940U2W and 2nd/3rd generation Cheetahs over to it along with the G400 Max, SB Live.

Anyone have a config like this, any problems?

System as is till New Years day;
ASUS P3B-F * P III 500 * 256MB ECC RAM * Two Cheetah LVD's * Barracuda UW * DiamondMAX IDE * Plextor Ultraplex 40max/Plexwriter 12/4/32 * Hitachi IDE DVD * 2940U2W * SB Live * 3Com 905B-TX NIC * 3Com Courier V. Ext. * Hollywood + * Win 98SE, Win 2000 *

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