View Full Version : FSB Software Overclocking utility required - some suggestions please?

23rd December 2000, 08:59
I bumped into Softfsb from MR ODA, and while it seems to be the answer, the proggy do not detect my clockchip on the Intel 815eea mobo.

Can one of you overclocking gurus suggest a suitable software fsb overclocking utility please?


23rd December 2000, 09:39
Probably have to wait for mr Oda to make a newer version for that chipset. He will as those are very prevalent now.

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24th December 2000, 20:43

Did you try CPUCool (http://members.nbci.com/podien/).
They have a 815 option if i'm remembering correctly.
Try the CPUFSB utility on the same site.It's the same like the CoolCPU's FSB option

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25th December 2000, 21:32
Thanks allesandro for the link - Yep - it should have been able to do the job but my Intel815eeaal motherboard runs on a ICS9250-28 clock pll and :

" CPUCooL does not support the following PLL's because they do not have a System Management Bus connection or the FSB could not be set via System Management Bus "

So it would seem that there is a reason for these things not happening elsewhere and that my search may actually be in vain!

Any other suggestions anybody?