View Full Version : Dual boot W2K & Win98SE??

Dan F
19th December 2000, 13:43
I currently have a 21GB HD split into C: (W2K, NTFS), D: (Stuff, NTFS) & e: (Empty, Fat32).

How can I instal win98SE to the E: drive without having to reinstal W2K (it's already on the HD and tweaked etc, don't want to reinstal)?

If it damages the boot section can I repair it?

19th December 2000, 13:51
Is C the primary partition?


Dan F
19th December 2000, 14:01

I partitioned as standard then installed W2K onto C: so everythings standard.

19th December 2000, 14:06
Well it'll be hard then! Win9x really has to be installed onto the primary partition. Maybe a boot manager might allow you to install it onto E (by hiding C and D) and then choose whether to boot to C or E. You might not be able to access E from Win2k though.


Dan F
19th December 2000, 14:11
Will Win98SE see C: & D: if they are NTFS?

If so will it try to format to install onto C:?

19th December 2000, 14:18
Nope, Win9x can't read NTFS no matter what.

I was meaning that if you use a boot manager to use multiple primary partitions, then any particular primary partition won't be able to see any of the others.

Reinstalling Win98SE onto C is a good option though, then installing Win2k onto D will create the boot menu for you, no 3rd party apps needed.

I think you might be able to read NTFS from Win9x with a 3rd party app, but unlikely NTFS5.


19th December 2000, 17:27
u can use partition magic 5.01 (through boot disks)or better yet 6.0 (which is a native win2k prog) from within win2k to convert the c: from NTFS to FAT or FAT32, and then install win98se into C:
win98se will recognise the win2k boot.ini and add itself automaticaly.
this way u don't havta reinstall win2k; but u'll loose all the security and quotas that the new NTFS is giving u for the c: drive.
and both OS's will be on the same partition which is some what tricky (shared c:\program files folder as example)

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[This message has been edited by arbymo (edited 20 December 2000).]

19th December 2000, 17:44
If the boot section gets damaged, you should be able to repair it. Just make win2k boot disks first ( you'll need 4 floppys). While its NTFS though, Win9x won't be able to access it anyways.

Dan F
20th December 2000, 11:50
Oh well, full comp reinstall needed!!!

Don't even want to think about the D/L times for all the windows/office patches I'll need (56K modem cr*p).

I'm just glad I don't need to move my 3gb of MP3s off of D: :-)

20th December 2000, 16:04
Dan: One more thing, when you are downloading the updates from Microsoft, choose to download them rather than just install from WindowsUpdate.com or OfficeUpdate.com, they can sometimes be hard to find but you can download just the installer making it easier to reinstall them later.

Network admins for example will download the full SP1 (sp1network.exe) rather than updating each machine on an individual basis.



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Dan F
22nd December 2000, 14:47
Well since I'm a MS CSA I just sent myself all the service packs, should be here soon :-)

23rd December 2000, 17:48
Want to post me some of that stuff you have 'access' to http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif