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28th November 2000, 23:28
My friend has asked me the following question, which Im not sure how to answer, any input is therefore appreciated.

Is it possible to use pc133 ram in a mobo which can only take advantage of pc100? I know that there will be no improvement over pc100, but pc133 is somewhat more futureminded http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


29th November 2000, 01:43
In 99% of cases using PC133 RAM on a motherboard that only makes use of PC100 RAM, for example a BX based system, will work fine without any problems.
The PC133 standard is if you like the maximum certified speed for the module, so it will quite happily run at a slower speed, 100 or even 66mhz.
I say 99% of the time because there is always the odd motherboard out there that is so damn picky about memory that it will have problems.
If any make of motherboard is going to be a problem, it will be an Intel one.