View Full Version : what does "AGP power is provided by linear regulator.."mean? and bios upgrade help

26th November 2000, 05:23
You *might* be in luck.

Your motherbaoard isn't there so it might work properly. Make sure you can return it if it doesn't. Also benchmark the heck out of it to see how stable it is when you do.

26th November 2000, 08:22
As far as voltages/currents are concerned there are basically 2 types of regulators available in the industry - linear and switching.

Switching regulators tend to be complex in design but are very efficient.

Linear regulators are generally a lot less efficient but far simpler to design and are often included on motherboards as a single chip only!

Linear regulators are often used in applications where relatively small currents are consumed - about 2 amps . When large currents are drawn from the linear regulator one often finds that it overheats and either cuts out (built in safety feature) or destroys itself by sending some simple smoke signals, and sometimes (when the failure mode is a dead short across the input and output terminals) any load connected to it - ie - your motherboard and AGP card.

I would certainly not connect your goodies up
unless I am very sure of the compatibility!!!


26th November 2000, 16:18
Im looking for an upgrade for our "family" machine and this video card(asus 6800 deluxe) seems to be really good. has tons of features that i really like,(video in and out, ddr ram, and 3d glasses..heh heard they were very cool, and i read at their webpage that you can also watch tv/video on 3d w/ the glasses http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif) the only problem is that im not so sure what this warning means

"Warning: Because GeForce256TM GPU consumes a lot of power, as a result, do not use AGP-V6800 with the mainboard which AGP power is provided by linear regulator. "

anyway i can check if mine is "linear regulator"? i have an old gigabyte 686bx mobo

* and i also want to upgrade my mobo to a beta bios so i can use a fcpga cpu on it..but i get this error
"the program files part number does not match w/ your system"
and it asks me to press y/n

so is this one of those safe warnings that i can just ignore or is this one of those really dangerous "press Y and die" warnings?

*i use to have a link that tells me which 1's are safe to ignore and which 1's are really important..but i cant find it anymore http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

thx in advance guys

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26th November 2000, 16:26
Don't get it. ither upgrade your mobo or do not get a Geforce card. Your pos gigabyte mobo will give you nothing but trouble with that card....or any other Geforce.

26th November 2000, 16:35
Tact is not one of your best assets is it dosfreak :-)

26th November 2000, 16:41
ok thx..

* if possible can you pls elaborate?