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23rd November 2000, 22:38
I purchased an ATI Radeon AIW yesterday and I was thinking about how I as going to hook up my TV tuner to cable. The nearest cable is in the living room which is too far. Then I started thinking about how data and TV signals travelled across cables lines and wondered if I unhooked my cable from the cable modem and hooked it up to my TV tuner if I'd get a signal. Lo and behold, I did!

Now for my question if you are still reading...If I purchase a splitter for my cable out and hook one side to the cable modem and the other side to the TV tuner, will this work? Beats me??? Only reason I hdaven't gone out and purchased the splitter yet is due to Thanksgiving and everything is closed. I figure I'd post this in the meantime and see what some of you thought. I think it will work but I'm not sure. I'm thinking the cables signal is a different wave signal than the data signal for the cable modem and the will not interfere with eachother. Any thoughts?



23rd November 2000, 22:41
Dave, slap a good quality splitter on that puppy and watch away http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif... You shouldn't have any problems what so ever with reception or modem problems.

23rd November 2000, 23:46
woohoo! That's what I was hoping to hear http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Thanks Greebe!


Fat Tone
24th November 2000, 01:52
I would never dare to argue with the all-knowing guru Greebe, but thought you might like to know this:
A friend who already had cable TV (NTL) just went for a cable modem on Wednesday. When NTL came to install the line, they measured the loss and decided to run a fresh line for the modem from the box in the road!
I would think that it may well work, but check your picture quality and data rates!

Good Luck

24th November 2000, 08:43

Thanks for the info, but they also ran a new line and I've already tested the quality of the picture as well as the data rate for sending/receiving packets from teh internet and both work outstadning. Now I just hope it works well together(keeps fingers crossed). I'll find out today when I pick up a splitter.


24th November 2000, 09:01
Hi Dave,

Just make sure you pick yourself up a quality splitter. I have had problems with splitting on mine with a cheap one. I have DSS spliced into the same line as my cable, as well as aerial frequency. With a good splitter (I bought mine from an electronics store here, it's a General Instruments I believe), I have no problems with any of the three.


24th November 2000, 09:36

Thanks, I'll do that.


24th November 2000, 13:55
Speaking of NTL, good news. They have cut monthly fees to 19.99. For an extra 5 you can rent a cable modem. That finally persuaded me to sign up, I get mine installed next Saturday http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

24th November 2000, 14:51

Believe me, you won't ever look back http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

24th November 2000, 16:12
Ant, you will be filled with lots and lots of joy. Let us know how you like it.